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In 1922, Ralph Samuelson from Minnesota came up with the idea that skiing could also be done on water. His first few attempts were unsuccessful. He used barrel staves and tried being pulled by a boat.

Nowadays, there are many different disciplines within the sport; waterskiing on two skis, trick skiing, mono skiing and ski jumping, even without skis (barefoot).

At Crest we offer waterskiing on two skis and a single ski. Lately waterskiing has become much easier and more accessible for people of all ages. We have professional equipment from O’Brien and we even have the equipment to get the smallest children up and riding. Many people think this is a difficult sport which isn’t for everyone, but we are proving these people wrong every day by teaching people to ski in a single lesson.


    Regular price



    1 tow

    5 tows


    10 min


    30 euro

    130 euro



  • Lessons


    Regular price 


    Introduction – 1 lesson, 30 min


    60 euro


    Start Program – 3 lessons, 30 min. each


    160 euro



For additional persons on the boat during lessons or tows an extra 5 euro per person will be charged.